Who are we ?  

In 1903 in Nuits-Saint-Georges, Alexandre de Mayol de Lupé and Félix de Cholet decided to join forces to create the House which still bears their name, Lupe Cholet.
« To bring together the best of soil, vine and human skill to produce wines of unique personality » was their motto and is still ours today.

Owners of 25 hectares (61,5 acres) of vineyards in Chablis and the Côte d’Or, we also have long-established partnerships with various wine growers throughout Burgundy. In the vineyards, our team selects the best grapes destined for vinification in our cellars at Château du Clos de Lupé.

Careful selection of the grapes, light pressing, partial or total de-stemming, cold maceration prior to fermentation are the techniques used to imprint our style on our wines. : rich and complex wines, redolent of ripe fruits which progressively reveal themselves at each stage in their evolution.

We are open to the world and ready to adapt to each situation ; we propose today a full range of the most prestigious appellations of our region. We export our wines to more than 70 countries all over the world.

Our details


17, rue du Général de Gaulle
BP 20071 - F-21702 Nuits-Saint-Georges
Tel : +33 (0) 3 80 61 25 02
Fax :+33 (0) 3 80 24 37 38
Email : bourgogne@lupe-cholet.com